Document management


The solutions we implement are based on the SharePoint platform, a collection of different products and technologies for performing various business tasks, and as such offering endless possibilities.

SharePoint enables:

  • connection and exchange of ideas among company employees
  • organization of data, persons and projects
  • content standardization on the level of entire organization
  • simple search

SharePoint saves time needed for finding documents and processing an individual document as well as enables joint work on them, while archiving and accessing the archived documents later on is safer and simpler. All data is at a single central point and available to everyone; naturally, with the possibility of restricting content to only certain users. In addition, SharePoint is open to upgrades to better adapt to processes of each individual company.

We have developed document and business process management systems tailored to customers’ needs, but we have also developed unified solutions fit for implementing as a package or individually.

Contract management
Invoice approval
Purchase approval

Contract management


Process automation can eliminate the majority of challenges companies face nowadays, such as recording and archiving contracts, lack of up-to-date information and inability to access data.

Contract management begins from the moment of signing the contract, its value and business advantages being achievable only if visible to key people within the organization and only if the contract is managed proactively.
The contract management solution enables standardized creation and storage of contracts in the central depository, with an optimum revision and approval system. It follows the contract’s life cycle and informs key users about important data in a timely manner.
Provides access to all information collected during the contracting process and enables linking the contract with its accompanying documents. Using advanced reporting systems, key users have full visibility and control over contracts.


  • Safe online access to contracts
  • Improved cost-effectiveness and maximum usability of approved contracts
  • Optimal contract revision and approval system
  • Accessibility of all information, fast search and reporting
  • Automatic notification system
  • Simpler creation of new contracts
  • Reduced processing costs and risk

Invoice approval

Invoice approval


The fast pace of modern business calls for fast reactions.

Keeping track and approving of incoming invoices exclusively “manually” requires a lot of time and slows down the entire business operation, on top of not being fully transparent. By automating the process, all parties involved in the approval process are able to approve invoices electronically by entering data required for approving. In this way, invoices go through the approval procedure without circulating in paper form from one desk to another.

The solution enables invoices to be received via several channels and processed through a standardized process. Invoices are assigned metadata according to predefined rules, thus eliminating the possibility for errors.

Archived invoices are accessible at any time and each stage in the approval process can be tracked. The solution comes with an intelligent system of notifications and alarms about invoice data.


  • Clearly defined and automated operative processes
  • Elimination of paper invoice circulation
  • Increased number of processed invoices
  • Invoice control

  • Digital invoices archived in the central repository
  • Fast search and visibility of all invoice statuses
  • Reduced possibility for making errors in processing
Purchase approval

Purchase approval


In the purchase process, it is often very important to purchase the goods and services at the right time. Depending on the volume, it can be a long-lasting road involving multiple approvers throughout the organization.

By automating this process, companies gain a better insight into the approval status and purchases can be monitored more effectively, from the financial and quantity point alike.
The solution for purchase management has a simple, well laid out interface that enables staff to order the products and services they need while the company keeps control over who makes orders and what is ordered.

It enables the managing of the entire purchase process from a single place, from a request for goods, works or services to a request for creating a contract, all the while trying to make the entire process as easy, simple and fast as possible.


  • Easier management and shorter purchasing time
  • Reducing human error in data entry to a minimum

  • Efficient elimination of bottlenecks slowing down the purchase process
  • Improved accuracy and increased data exchange
  • Optimization of resource management
  • Easier tracking of approval statuses