If your company is growing and ready to take on new opportunities, Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help.

This simple, adaptable resource planning solution helps small and medium-sized companies to automate and connect their sales, purchasing, operations, accounting and inventory management.

The solution is designed to significantly increase productivity and offer complete visibility and control over business processes, and to be maximally efficient, it was developed as a flexible product that is easy to adapt and connect with other IT systems.

Dynamics NAV works like the familiar Microsoft Office tools you already use, working quietly with Outlook, Word and Excel to help you complete common tasks right from your inbox. You can do your tasks wherever you are since you have the same capabilities on iOS, Android and Windows platforms as well as on your desktop, laptop and mobile device.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a reliable foundation for future changes, growth and internationalisation of your business. Fast implementation, adaptability to rapidly changing business needs and simple maintenance of Microsoft Dynamics NAV reduce the value of investment while increasing its positive impacts.




HECTA is a B2B solution for e-commerce developed for Microsoft Dynamics NAV with which it can be integrated 100%.

The entire HECTA solution is managed directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and prices and product information are entered and changed at a single point, thus this integration makes use of the existing data and calculations from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Since HECTA uses the programme logic of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it is more economical and affordable than other solutions, simpler to implement and eliminates the incompatibility risk during data transfer.


  • Ability to define additional attributes, images or accompanying documents for an item
  • Creating offers for replacement and replacement items for an item
  • Managing Black Lists
  • An up-to-date Item availability as well as the date when it will be available
  • Ability to define time-defined actions
  • Monitoring web order status within MD NAV
  • Export catalog of products in electronic form
  • View and export created documents (delivery notes, invoices) in pdf or xml form
  • Multilingual



Are you using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, but the production is still late? Have you been getting inaccurate stock data because of the untimely registration of the production process? The sales are late to deliver althought the stocks are physically ready? The production process suffers because of the complex consumption and capacity posting?

Simplify the recording of the production with the 4TP solution developed for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Production. 4TP offers 100 % integration with real time data exchange. The entire functionaliy of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Production has been turned into a simple interface adapted to work in production plants.


  • Simple insight into Microsoft Dynamics NAV work orders
  • Tracking work by individual production capacities
  • Scanning the work orders’ barcode
  • Control of work order production BOM via terminals
  • Simplified control of MD NAV serial numbers
  • Serial number creation via a terminal
  • Detailed work order tracking by the level of completeness
  • Recording of rejects by type and quantity for each production phase
  • Detailed tracking of produced, total and required quantities by work order phases
  • Printing an MD NAV report from a terminal server



This solution fully automates the exchange of invoices with Fina’s e-Invoice service, enabling faster, safer, simpler and cheaper sending and receiving of invoices.
The solution achieves full integration of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV incoming and outgoing invoices with the Fina’s e-Invoice service.

You can find more information on Fina’s e-Invoice service here

• Electronic signing of e-invoices
• Encrypted communication with Fina’s e-Invoice service
• Automatic capture of incoming invoices from Fina’s e-Invoice service
• Automatic sending of outgoing invoices from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Fina’s e-Invoice service
• Sending and receiving e-invoice attachments
• User notification
• Automatic saving of incoming invoices in PDF format (to the client’s document management system or locally to a disc)
• Capturing of outgoing invoices in PDF format from Microsoft Dynamics NAV
• Clear table-format overview of all e-invoices status via Microsoft Dynamics NAV
• Changing the invoice status in Microsoft Dynamics NAV interface
• Capturing the status of outgoing invoices