Privacy Policy

The owner of these websites is 4APP SOLUTION d.o.o.

This Privacy policy aims to help you understand which data we collect, what we use it for and how you can obtain your rights.

By accessing this website, you are accepting all the risks that occur and you are accepting to use its contents for personal purposes only and at your own responsibility. Our IT system is protected from unauthorized access, changing, dissemination, loss and deletion of your personal data.

4APP SOLUTION d.o.o. gathers only limited quantities of data about you that are necessary in order for us to respond to your queries and in order to establish a long-term business relationship.


4APP SOLUTION d.o.o. adheres to the following principles with the objective of protecting your privacy:

  • We do not collect more data than necessary,
  • We do not use your data for unlisted purposes,
  • We do not hold on to your data longer than necessary,
  • We never sell, borrow or publish your personal data,
  • We do not send your data to third parties,
  • We do not transfer your data to a third country or international organization,
  • We make sure your data is safely stored.


Even though you can use our website without giving out any personal data, after contacting us via our contact form or directly via our e-mail address, 4APP SOLUTION d.o.o. gathers data about you. The information you fill out (personal information like your name, e-mail, organization), or send directly via e-mail will be processed and stored in order for us to contact you and answer your query. If you are younger than 16, you should attach a parental consent prior to giving personal information.

When you send a query, request an offer or execution of our services, we store your data in our local client data base. Depending on the nature of your query or requested service, it is the following data:

  • Name and surname
  • Address
  • E-mail
  • Organization
  • Phone or fax number

We process data for the purpose of sending an offer or executing the ordered services, as well as the legitimate interest in improvement of our business. The data is available only to the employees who need them to conduct their tasks. We also store your e-mail in the newsletter service, Mail Chimp, which has been adjusted to the GDPR guidelines.

We guarantee that we will use your personal data exclusively for meeting your needs, conclusion and execution of agreements, for our own marketing and other legitimate interests, which are important for our business. We are going to use the data in clearly defined purposes and we will not send them to third parties or use them in unlisted and undefined purposes.


The only purpose and legal basis for processing your personal data is answering appropriately to your queries before entering a business relationship or execution of agreement between you and 4APP SOLUTION d.o.o., if the relationship has already been established.


Should we get your query via our contact form or directly to our e-mail, we will respond as soon as possible. If further communication between you and 4APP SOLUTION d.o.o. no longer exists 12 months later, we will erase all of your personal data. As long as we have open communication in terms of establishing business cooperation, we will stor